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Chisinau, rascani - Str-la Studentilor, 17, -


Chisinau City Hall announces the recipients of the program "first House" that can buy apartments in the residential block of str-17 Students (sect. Rîşcani/Old Mail).

The 105 housing block 1B are carried out at the price of 500 € and the surfaces have IND./sq.m indicators: 1-43 m 2 room up to 2 51m2 rooms-from 65 to 73 m 2 residential block will be given in operation with urmartorul equipment:-water-sewer System;
-Electrical installations;
-Heating system and hot water;
-Gas supply system;
-Ventilation System;
-Telecommunications system;
-Insulated and constructions made of metal;
-Planning for housing block and common spaces.


  • Rooms: 1
  • Area: 43 m2
  • Not furnished
  • Details and information: (022) 540-176, 079257939 www.sevacons.md construction headquarters: str. Ismail 33, bir. 501


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